Sekoiyas For All Occasions

Hello everybody, my name is Sequoia the Storyteller and this is my website. 🙂 I’m currently a solo act of writing and illustrating, but I eagerly await my dream team’s assembly! I hope soon to work with a collection of creative superheroes who animate, program, create music, and more. Welcome now, and welcome later… I hope you enjoy your visit! ^_^


To get you started on some of the fun stuff, have a look at some of these:


The first two books in my series, the Torian Tri-Point, both available on Amazon:

Harahpin Cover       Pantorians Cover

facebook icon  Here’s the Torian Tri-Point’s page on Facebook… likes are greatly appreciated! 🙂

art page buttonArt by me… a gallery of stuff I draw which is ever-expanding. 🙂 You can see YET MORE art by me at my deviantArt account.


short stories buttonShort stories and other writings… I only have a couple little things in this section right now but I’m going to add more as time goes on. If you want to get notified about new art and stories, feel free to subscribe to the blog! 🙂

patreon icon

If you like my stuff, please Patronize me! 😀 Supporters on Patreon will see special behind-the-scenes stuff I don’t share anywhere else, plus have their name listed in my Credits! 😉

~~~And here’s some stuff which is still mostly in ‘idea phase’ and/or pre-production, but which you can peek at anyway if you like:

Animated Films , which I hope to create as the team pulls together. ^_^

Video Games , or as I prefer to call them, ‘Interactive Fantasies’, which will also need to be a group effort, but oh the fun they will be. 😀

I exist to show you worlds beyond ours. Every story I tell is not for me… it’s for YOU. The stories I tell are for you to indulge your sense of fancy, and to spirit you away when you need an escape. So have a seat, dear, and I’ll be glad to spin you a yarn. 😀

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