About my Dream Team

I dream of a team… I cannot create alone forever!

This team actually operates similarly to a team of superheroes, which will combine many heroes of different ability. All these heroes band together, unifying their respective powers to accomplish things that none of them would be able to do alone. Imagination’s Flightiest Escapade (previously known as ‘PlanetSoul’) functions like this sort of team, but instead of taking down super-villains, they tell stories in the form of amazing animated movies and video games. I’m a small part of this team, but without the rest of the people to be involved, I’m at a real disadvantage!

I.F.E. is a relatively small team, but each and every person that does work within it adores their job so much, that they can create amazing things in a relatively short amount of time, driven by pure passion (I’ve seen this at work in myself, even… I’ve been told by those close to me that the stories I write are great for how little time it took me to write them… I do LOVE to tell stories, after all!). I.F.E. is divided into job categories, some of which may need only one person, but others of which may need multiples. So let me introduce you to the framework of the team:

Storyteller Icon~Storyteller

This is the category I fall under. My job is to come up with basic story ideas, design characters and worlds, write scripts, storyboards, that kind of stuff. Other Storytellers may possibly be included… you never know when you’ll need narrative/design assistance! But I must say, I already have so many stories lined up that I doubt I’ll be able to see them all made in my lifetime, so I’m not sure I’m able to fit any others at this point. But who knows? Circumstances are ever-shifting.

Songmaker Icon~Songmaker

This is the zone of the soundtrack-builders. The Songmaker’s job is to produce amazing original scores. He/she/they will do best if they know and feel the themes of the stories intimately. This category could and probably should include several or more people… diverse people, diverse sounds. And goodness knows diverse sounds probably make the best soundtracks!

Codemaster Icon~Codemaster

The category of the programmer. This section will most likely need multiple people (and I think I’ve got one already; a cousin of mine). Their job is obvious… coding the mechanics of the video games… and the animated films if there’s a place for that! 😉

Lifebringer Icon~Lifebringer

Again, this is a slot which likely will need multiples, because their job is a very lengthy process… animation. Thus, they ‘bring life’ to stories. Some 2D animation may be of use (I can do this myself to some degree), but more important is the 3D kind, along with modeling and (probably) performance capture. People who adore this stuff and have ‘mad skills’ in the area are Lifebringers just waiting to join the dream team.

Hoardkeeper Icon~Hoardkeeper

This is a category not for the likes of me, I can tell you. This may only need one, but could probably withstand a couple more, accountants. Yes, accountants. Bookkeepers. Folks to keep track of the ‘hoard’, the treasure, to use it wisely and distribute it appropriately. If you have math on the mind and the balance sheet is your Bible, this slot is for you. Every good team these days needs them.

Caretaker Icon~Caretaker

A very important slot indeed, and yet another one way out of my league. It, together with the Hoardkeeper, is the sturdy foundation the rest of us stand on. This category is for people who know how to handle ‘business affairs’ (morally, of course). The Caretaker is wise and will ultimately make the best decisions for everyone, because he/she is a great communicator who knows how to operate in the world in general, and is our ambassador into that world.

Voices Icon~The Voices

Now, these people really are many, and their slot is always open, though aren’t necessarily exclusive to our team. They may come and go. They are voice actors and singers, and they come in all shapes and sizes… male and female, young to old, coming from all sorts of countries and cultural backgrounds. No big names here… there’s simply too much undiscovered talent. This slot is very diverse, open to pretty much anyone with a passion for acting and/or singing.

Innovator Icon~Innovator

This category is sort of a new idea as of yet, but seems like a good idea. This is for people who like to think of new, better ways of doing/making things. For instance, the environment needs taking care of, and you can bet we’ll be doing our best (I foresee the films and games being bought and downloaded directly from cyberspace… no packaging at all!) However, this cyberspace, along with the general creation of films and games, are going to need to use computers. And that’s only the beginning. If you’re a green-thinker with great ideas and inventions for a civilization-meets-nature Utopia, welcome aboard.

(~Note that all categories are connected… if a Codemaster has an idea for a plot device for instance, wonderful, or if I happen to have a tune to run by Songmaker, or if a Lifebringer wants to collaborate with an Innovator on new ways of creating animation, all is well… we don’t have to confine ourselves to our primary categories; we all help and support each other, and are unafraid to try new things.)

This is Imagination’s Flightiest Escapade in a nutshell. It’s a big and beautifully simple idea that is very much more than just a fantasy. This can all be real, but I need help, from all the above categories (Caretaker, particularly, will help tie it all together at this point, because even if someone wants to sign up, I’m not sure I’ll know precisely what to do with them right off… I’m a dreamer really, that’s my job… not so savvy in all that businessy stuff).  This can absolutely be done… all it takes is the right people, banding together. So here’s the call to creative arms. Keep in mind that I.F.E. is rather meant to break from conventional molds. The people needed here adventurers into new ways.

                My name is Sequoia the Storyteller, and I can be contacted for ‘business matters’, or as I’d rather put it, matters of collective and inspired dream-chasing and path-merging, at planetsoulstoryteller@gmail.com. ^_^

18 Responses to About my Dream Team

  1. Mysticalwolf says:

    I’d lovelovelove to become one of the voices! Sadly, I live somewhere probably far, far away from you. Lots of these would fit for me though. By the way, “Imagination’s Flightiest Escapade?” Awesome. I could never think up something as awesome as IFE. Totally awesomeness defined.

  2. Chris the Verdant says:

    I now want to make t-shirts for planet soul…..

  3. UnicornCrazy says:

    *eyes jobs and counts how many I could do*

  4. UnicornCrazy says:

    hmm. I got my webcam to stop editing the sound it was recording and my voice instantly sounded a million times better. Want me to send you a recording? 🙂 I still won’t sound quite the same but… *shrugs*

    Although I think my parents would be more accepting if you had a skype and we did a vid or voice call, but I can try convincing them about the sanity of sending you a recording of my voice if I can get it separate from the video. 🙂

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      A recording? Sure, go ahead. 🙂

      • UnicornCrazy says:

        I’ll try to get permission and a decent recording, not like my webcam mic is very good even now though :p I may try to get my parents to let me use AM’s proper big video mic… I’ll also need to make myself a script of some kind or it won’t work haha. (I did try with my Webcam, but didn’t know what to say and was too quiet) Or maybe I’ll use a page or two of harahpin 🙂

  5. Febcupcake says:

    I wish I could maybe try out for voices. 🙂 I love doing immitations & making animal sounds. ^-^ (Not to sound weird or anything. :P)

  6. Mad Kitty says:

    I would love to be a storyteller, but that’s kind of your job. I’d love to be a kind of assistant writer, like if you needed help with a plot hole or character development or something. (Though character development is a bad example, because your characters seem so alive as it is!)
    Anyway, I would help in weak spots and help try to strengthen the writing.

    I don’t need to be in the team if you feel the position is filled, but I just like to help, and I think I would enjoy doing it!

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      Do not think for a moment that I am closed to the idea of other storytellers in the team! 😀 Actually, you’d be surprised how often I feel like my plots have holes that just won’t fill, or my characters seem flat. I’m in no way perfect at my craft… it’s a growing process, always. ^_^ I would absolutely love to have the resources for others’ story ideas to get made in the team too… I’m not sure how it’s all going to come together yet. ^^; But I’m happy my idea for a team excites you!

      (By the way, welcome aboard… aboard the site, that is. 😀 Thanks for being here! :3 )

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