Commissioned Artwork

This gallery contains art that I have been paid to do by various clients. Logos, labels, illustrations, or just simple art for someone’s wall. 🙂 I’m working on being available for Paypal commissions… I’ve had a bit of trouble setting that up so far. ^^; But I’ll get there!

(Personal art/illustrations found here. 🙂 )

The Wine Labels: These get their own section because they are a big project all their own (this is still ongoing, egads! 😛 ). They are a series of whimsical wine-bottle labels for Laughing Dog Winery.

Logos: Professional logos I have designed for people and their organizations.

For Walls and Eyeballs: Commissioned art which is not for products or anything, but just meant to be looked at and/or framed and/or hung on a wall. :3