Accidental Elemental

‘Accidental Elemental’ is a sort of webcomic, and a fan-fiction, basically, which is completely free to read. The main characters are dragons, and they also will come to mingle with other invented creatures as they travel through their world. It’s set in a pre-existing world… that of ‘The Legend of Spyro’, a video game series. But it’s so distant from the actual storyline of the main trilogy, occurring hundreds of years later, that it actually could make sense to someone who is a lover of dragons and fantasy, but is not familiar with Spyro nor even a player of video games. 😉

A few sample pages can be found in the gallery below. 🙂 I’m probably not going to put ALL of them here, as there are quite a few, but you can see all I have finished so far on deviantArt, in this folder.

(It’s important to give credit where credit is due… ‘The Legend of Spyro’ series, and the worlds and characters it contains are (c) Activision. Only the plot, art, and original characters of ‘Accidental Elemental’ are (c) Sequoia the Storyteller. No infringements are intended and no profits are being made. 🙂 )

“Hundreds of years have passed since the end of the old era, when the world was nearly broken into pieces. And all those hundreds of years later Parch the Dragon is born, in a world that was long since dulled of its magics, along with the creatures that call this world home. But is the magic really dead, or does it live still? Parch will tell you that in fact it does live, for he knows it like a blessing… and a curse. The magic inside of Parch seems at first like a marker for doom but in fact it will ultimately propel him on the journey of his life… and the journey of the era. Parch’s quest will be to save the magic that pulses within him… save the essential elemental energies that not only his race of Dragons, but his entire world, needs to thrive.”

Accidental Elemental Cover

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  1. Amur says:


    Lawdy, I’m becoming more hyper as I physically mature! D: I’m already way too mature — mentally — for my age! I’m gabbling now. It happens all the time.

    Anywho, I’ve never heard of Spyro. Is it a nice game or whatever?

    • Sequoia the Storyteller says:

      Stalk away, my dear, it’s what it’s there for! 😀 (The stupid gallery thumbnails aren’t working properly, though… >_<). But I'm glad you're excited! ^_^ Spyro IS fun... it's a video game where the character you play is a small purple dragon. 😀 There's an original series, and then there's a newer, 're-booted' series which is 'The Legend of Spyro. Actually, I like the older versions a bit better than the newer Legend versions, but the latter seems to be more ripe for fanfic-material for some reason. Might be because of all the plot holes... people can fill in all over the place... xD

  2. Amur says:

    HOLY DIORAMAS, you can play it on a DS?! -Has been looking at the game’s Wikipedia page-. Eeeehh . . . I’m gonna try it. O__O I hope it can be found easily in the Philippines — WHO AM I KIDDING, of COURSE it’s going to be found here! . . . Somewhere. But it sounds like a really popular game. I am anticipating the next visit to the mall.

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