Dreaming Esmeralda

Dreaming Esmeralda is, I feel, one of the most significant story series I’ll ever spin out. It’s planned to be a sequence of animated films (preferably 3D). I currently have scripts and storyboards in the works, and we shall see what happens from here. 😉

Esmeralda is a fanciful world full of crystal balls, colorful castle towns, and rainbow-hued dragons. Humans, yes, there are plenty of humans (though they’re properly called ‘Whims’ or ‘Whimsy-folk’ over there), spread throughout a number of kingdoms and settlements over several continents. The first installment of this series takes place in the region of a kingdom called Cybelline. I’ll offer a peek at the first installment for now:


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Dreaming Esmeralda is copyright Sequoia the Storyteller. All rights reserved.

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